get your print on

There’s a good chance that your wedding stationery will be your first major venture into the world of fine paper, and there are a lot of new terms to learn! Here’s a quick primer on the different print methods we offer.

Digital printing

Digital printing is the most budget-friendly print method and also has the quickest turnaround time. It’s the best option for full color designs printed on light colored paper. Gold, silver, and white ink are also available (these look great on dark colored paper!)


Thermography is a print process that relies on heat to create raised ink, resulting in an elegant, tactile effect. In this process, a resin powder is applied to the paper, adhering to the ink. After removing the excess powder, the printed piece is heated and the mixture of powder and ink dries, forming the raised effect. While the results aren’t identical to engraving, thermography is a cost-effective alternative if you’re looking for a raised effect.


Letterpress uses custom dies which are inked and pressed against the paper, creating an indented design. Keep in mind that heavier paper is generally recommended when using this print method. The turnaround time is also longer since a custom die must be manufactured.

foil stamping

Foil stamping uses a heated die, which presses the foil into the paper to adhere it to the surface. Foil is available in a variety of colors, and stands out against all paper colors. Like letterpress, this method has a longer turnaround time since it requires a custom die.